Our hardware repairs include:

– Apple MacBook is not turning on
– Apple MacBook LCD screen is very dim / dark
– Display only visible on external monitor but not visible on MacBook LCD screen
– Apple MacBook LCD screen is not turning on
– Apple MacBook LCD screen is cracked
– Apple MacBook backlight problem / inverter problem
– Apple MacBook GPU / Graphics card problem / Distorted display
– Apple MacBook Motherboard malfunction / failure
– Apple MacBook is over heating
– Apple MacBook keyboard replacement / repair
– Apple MacBook power supply repairs
– Apple MacBook loose / broken hinge replacement
– Apple MacBook LED / CCFL bulb replacement
– Apple MacBook optical drive upgrade and replacement (DVDRW – DVD Burners)
– Apple MacBook AC / DC power jack repairs
– Apple MacBook Memory upgrades
– Apple MacBook Replacement of broken or cracked plastic parts ( LCD cover / base cover)
– Apple MacBook Liquid spill repairs (cola , water, coffee, tea, wine)
– Apple MacBook Internal dust and particles cleaning  
– Apple MacBook Component level motherboard repairs

Our software repairs include:

–  Virus Removal from MacBook
–  Removal of annoying popup and spyware from MacBook
–  Data and file rescue services (from defective MacBook hard drives) 
–  MacBook data and file backup services 
–  MacBook operating system upgrades 
–  Transfer of data to your new hard drive / new MacBook
–  Solutions for slow working MacBook 
–  Solutions and repairs for “Spinning wheel of death” and freezing symptoms on MacBooK
–  MacBook EFI Firmware password Removal